China Eastern plane in Guangxi province bearing 132 impacts

The number of casualties is still unknown as President Xi ordered a probe in Guangxi province into the crash of flight MU5735.

A China Eastern Airlines passenger plane bringing 132 people has crashed shortly after losing contact with air traffic control and dropped thousands of meters in under three minutes in southern China.

There was no primary verification of the number of casualties, but the disaster prompted an unusually swift public reaction into the cause of the crash, who expressed he was “shocked” and ordered an immediate investigation from President Xi Jinping.

China Eastern “expresses its deep condolences and crew members for the passengers,” its deep condolences; the airline expressed who died in the plane crash in a filing with the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

There was no word on the cause of the crash, which was later extinguished. State broadcaster CCTV declared it “pushed a peak fire”.

China Eastern aviation MU5735 from the city of Kunming “lost airborne connection over Wuzhou” in the Guangxi area; to the southern junction of Guangzhou, according to the Civil Aviation Administration of China on Monday afternoon (CAAC).

The CAAC said, adding there were 123 passengers this flight has crashed, and nine crew the Boeing 737-800 plane onboard.

Boeing Chief Executive Dave Calhoun notified employees that the manufacturer in the crash investigation had offered the full support of its technical experts.

“During this hard time, we can help our client, and the misfortune exploration and confidence that at every step ushered; we will be accomplishing everything, transparency, and virtue.” More details

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