BTS visits White House to discuss Asian hate

The seven-member group from South Korea started the journey of pursuing their dreams, facing extreme hardships, mental health issues, suffering, racism, hate, and for being themselves.

At the present, BTS is at the top, being called by the United Nations, the United State President, and the administration of America to talk about the important matters that reside in society globally.

The South Korean K-Pop group BTS has always been vocal about mental health issues, personal health, racism, and other important subjects.  Their music always has important and meaningful messages that have inspired millions of people comprehensively.

BTS’s popularity has no limits and above all, they have become an inspiration for millions of people.

This time around they were called into the white house schedule to talk about one of the most alarming and mounting issues.

The hatred and racism for Asians are mounting in the United States of America. The human rights of Asians are comprehensively violated.

The tumor of anti-Asian hate crimes is deteriorating the peace and stability of the region. Numerous Asian including BTS face racism and hatred in America. They are judged, trolled, abused, and neglected on the bases of culture, religion, appearance, and individuality.

The statistics of hated and crimes against Asian have risen to such an alarming level that US President Joe Biden has contracted a law. The law targets to state the escalating anti-Asian attacks with a rule and regulations.

BTS made the entrance at the White House with several admirers, their armies, and privileges waiting for the speech and their messages.

The support and admiration of their armies have been unparalleled. The messages were given in their native language Korean and afterward translated into English. The beautifully voiced their views on the up surging matter of Asian hate crimes.

All the BTS members have experienced Asian hate in the past and even talked about their personal experiences. They faced racism in the period of their international tours.

There have been moments when they were discriminated against as Asians. The expletives are without reason and mocked for the way they look.

However, after a long journey of receiving hate as Asians, BTS are conveying a speech at the White House and in front of white house reporters in their native language. The magnificent moment is viewed by the complete world and is accurately a momentous time.

The leader of the group began the speech with his message,

“We are honored to be summoned to the White House today to talk over the significant subjects of anti-Asian hatred wrongdoings, Asian hate annexation, and multiplicity.”

The vocalist Kim Seokjin voiced his views as,

“We stand with the AANHPI community and join the White House to celebrate the cause.”

Park Jimin stated,

“We were distressed by the current heave of hate crimes, comprising Asian hate crimes. To place a halt on this and sustenance the origin, we would like to take this prospect to use the power of speech once more.”

Group member Jeon Jung-kook said,

 “We still feel surprised that music made by South Korean musicians and South Korean K-pop is speeded to numerous persons globally, going beyond the languages and national obstructions. We have faith that music is at all times a remarkable and pleasing unifier of all things.”

Jung Hoseok stated,

“We are at this time once again thanking our army, our admirers all-inclusive, who have dissimilar ethnic groups and principles and use diverse languages. We are truly and always grateful for the spreading.”

Min Yoongi added,

“It is not wrong to be different. I think equal opportunity instigates when we cut through and hold all of our variances.”

The vocalist Kim Taehyung stated,

“Everybody has their times gone by. We faith that in the present day we are one step nearby to regarding and accepting every individual as a respected individual.”

The Asian hatred is of different extents. Sometimes they receive extreme long-term and short-term violence that even led to death.

Numerous instances are there when Asians were slapped, set on fire, killed, and abused.

On daily or frequent bases, it is normal for them to hear “go back to your country” or have racist words regarding skin or color.

In the AANHPI Heritage Month, BTS becomes the part of white house schedule for awareness and promotion of love and unity for each other. BTS’s presence and conversation with President Biden are about resolutions to increasing anti-Asian hate cases.

Racial discrimination is existent in America and it has always been. Disliking of foreigners especially Asians is real in America.

However, the anti-Asian racism problem should be addressed and pointed out as an education.

Anti-Asian violence is at a disturbing level of ethnically driven fierceness and additional hatred occasions against Asian Americans.

It is challenging to control the increasing numbers of such wrongdoings and examples of discrimination. The organizations or administrative assistances are not tracking the long-term issue.

President Biden stated in a bill signing ceremony at the White House,

“There is a need to join as one person, as one population. The hatred is a disagreeable venom which has long afflicted and long-troubled our state.”

It is grateful to President Biden and the White House for giving the significant prospect to be fluent in the significant reasons to BTS. Such acts Remind artists of their responsibilities toward the spreading of awareness in the world.

It is important to use higher platforms to talk about issues that matter the most. In particular, the anti-Asian hate that is seen across the states.

The invitation was issued to BTS to discuss the need to come together in solidarity, Asian annexation and exemplification, and speaking anti-Asian hate law-breaking and discernment, which have developed into more projecting subjects in current years.

The Anti-Asian sentimentality and vehemence have matured 9during the global healthcare coronavirus pandemic in the United States.

White House reporters, administration, and members applauded BTS sensations as young representatives who give a note of optimism and positivity unanimously.

United State President often involves young celebrities to address the important issues of the world and to spread the awareness.

BTS is well-known for making its songs with the theme of different social campaigns like BTS dynamite, Blue and Grey, and Life Goes on. The aims of songs are related to empowering people beyond the criteria of materialism.

The endurance of curses without purpose and receiving mocking for the look is painful to the apex. The pain of suffering on daily basis is detrimental to mental health and cannot be expressed in a difference of opinion.

The discomfort of becoming the subject of hate and violence is extremely distressing.

Asian American month is for pointing out Asian hatred and crimes and setting a rule and regulations to surrender the cause.

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