box sign 55m signrequestwheatleysiliconangle

An article titled “Box Sign 55m Signrequestwheatleysiliconangle” would most likely be about a new type of sign that has been developed. This sign is made of silicon and is said to be very durable. It is also said to be able to withstand high winds. box sign 55m signrequestwheatleysiliconangle

A new box sign has been installed at the 55m mark on the Request- Wheatley Silicon Angle. This sign is a reminder to everyone using the Request- Wheatley Silicon Angle that they are required to wear a life jacket when recreating in the water. The sign also includes the phone number for the local water rescue team in case of an emergency. box sign 55m signrequestwheatleysiliconangle

In September of 2016, Box, a cloud storage company, announced the acquisition of SignRequest, an e-signature startup. This article discusses the implications of the acquisition and what it could mean for the future of Box.

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