Biggest Disadvantages of E-Learning

“The advance in technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t even really notice it, so it’s a part of everyday life” Bill Gates

Artificial intelligence, automation, and other such advancements in the sector of information technology have prepared us for more technical advancements. Every phase and sector of our lives is being advanced and changed due to the inventions we are being introduced with. All these inventions have come up with their positive and negative aspects. It is up to us which aspect we utilize more because you can either become the slave of the latest innovations or can enslave them. Our educational sectors have also been greatly influenced by these technological advancements and the major form of one such advancement is E-learning.

The simplest way to explain E-learning is the form of learning which is obtained through an electronic medium.  E-learning systems have witnessed a usage and research increase in the past decade (Oliveira, 2016). It is the process of sharing knowledge through different electronic means including laptops, smartphones, internet connections, e-books, CDs, and so on. Students make full use of this form of technology by taking Exam Help and writings services from online platforms. In fact; the life of both; students as well as teachers have greatly been influenced by e-learning. As they say:

“Online learning is not the next big thing; it is the NOW big thing”

Electronic learning and its impact on the society:

Electronic learning has surely removed lots of obstacles from the path of education for the students who had no access to education earlier. The online medium of providing education has opened new doors for the people who couldn’t go out to get an education. One can take the best form of education through online courses from the best instructors teaching through digital mediums.

The life of students comes with multiple challenges and experiences. It’s never a battle of defeat, but you will witness a win with your efforts (Jessica, 2022). You can take information about Business Management Dissertation Topics, you can learn about psychological issues, administration points, and about anything just by searching for it. Teachers polish their knowledge through online platforms and students gain knowledge through this platform.  There are various types of E-learning, some are as follows:

  • Adoptive e-learning: It is the type of online learning in which students learn as per their learning preferences.
  • Traditional e-learning: this is the type of online education in which information is given to the students like in educational institutes but through online mediums.
  • Asynchronous e-learning; in this type of e-learning, a student gains education whenever he wants to as per their convenience.
  • Interactive e-learning; in this type of online learning, students and teachers communicate with one another for a better understanding of the topics.
  • Individual e-learning; students get to study on their own through online platforms without any supervisor.  

Biggest disadvantages of E-learning:

Up until now, everybody has always talked about the benefits and advantages of e-learning. However; nobody bothered to discuss the disadvantages that have been brought with it. So; we will be enlightening our readers on this particular aspect of e-learning in the following post.

1.     Lack of social interaction:

One of the main disadvantages of e-learning through an electronic medium is that you don’t get to study face-to-face. The result of this lack of social interaction limits the students to ask questions from the teacher at the moment. It also does not allow you to meet and discuss with your classmates about the topic any further.

2.     No feedback:

Students who learn through electronic mediums don’t get any feedback from the source of teaching. Even though; they can take quizzes and can undergo online tests but the feedback that a supervisor or an instructor gives you cannot be given on the online platform.

3.     No discipline:

Students who take education through online platforms don’t have any set timings. They have to rely on self-motivation. There is no discipline when it comes to taking online coursework classes because you can skip them or attend them at your convenience.

4.     Cheating is unavoidable:

Students who give exams or attend classes through online platforms are more prone to cheating. It is because nobody is watching or keeping an eye on them. Some students go to the level of keeping books with them while giving online exams that are unfair to those who have actually prepared for it and is wrong on so many levels.

5.     Lack of credibility:

The degrees or certificates that are earned through the online mediums are not as much of worth as those which are attained through the actual educational institutes. In workspaces and companies; those candidates are preferred over the ones who have studied through online platforms.

6.     Theory over practice:

The education that is earned through online mediums is purely based on the theory. There is no practical work that can be taught on their platform. No dissection in biology, no physical reactions in chemistry, or no facts in physics can be explained practically to the students who are learning through online mediums.

7.     No development of communication skills:

Students who learn through online mediums don’t get to develop their communication skills. As there is no face-to-face interaction when it comes to e-learning so mostly such students have been seen being hesitant while making communications, they lack confidence in presenting their point.

8.     More screen-timing:

This generation is already addicted to the use of smartphones and all such technical gadgets. In such cases; their screen timing increases even more as they study through online mediums and use the online mediums for entertainment purposes as well.  


We have always been taught about the benefits of education that is earned through online mediums but rarely do we talk about the setbacks that come along with it. People, who consider e-learning based on its benefits, must go through the disadvantages as well that we have mentioned. So; they can have a broader perspective of the topic.  


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