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Classic items are frequently marketed as ‘must-have’ in menswear. The concept is that without a navy suit, a charcoal overcoat, and a pair of dark blue trousers, no wardrobe (and no existence) can be considered complete. All of this is a roundabout way of saying that when choosing between stylish lace-ups, it’s preferable to go with the best Derby shoes for men.

“A Derby is like a Swiss army knife; they’re multifunctional. If you own a pair of jeans and ever want to look remotely smart, you should have a pair. They even work with cords and joggers.”

Simply said, a good pair of Derbies will go with almost anything in your closet. They’ll let you to upgrade your laid-back appearance and relax smartly. They’re not absolutely necessary. They’re really handy for practically any male.


Look at the laces if you can’t tell the difference between a Derby and an Oxford shoe. The area between the eyelets tabs – the leather strips on each side of the tongue with holes punched through for the laces – will be sewed shut on an Oxford, but will flap open when the laces are undone on a Derby.


The history of the Derby is important to consider now, especially when selecting a style to add to your footwear collection. There are delicate derbies out there, but they aren’t worth your attention. “They detract from the adaptability. You’ll want something with a rounded toe and a sturdy sole that isn’t too fragile or papery. They should have a practical aspect rather than a dandyish appearance.”

It’s also a good idea to pay attention to the tone of your voice. Designers have done Derbies up in all kinds of colours since they are a less stuffy shoe. “A simple black, chocolate brown, or oxblood can go with practically everything,” says the designer. A black Derby, being slightly less formal, looks well with lighter washes of denim or tan chinos.

There’s a handy checklist to complete if you’re just going to buy one pair of Derbies and want them to function everywhere. The uppers should be dark, but not black, and should be devoid of any embellishment, such as broguing or contrast colours. They should also be made of leather instead of suede.


Derbies have been adopted by individuals who are concerned in both usefulness and appearance (which is all of us, right?). Fortunately, every man has a choice, whether he like conventional or bold looks. These are the most important styles to be aware of.

TRADITIONAL DERBIES Plain, leather, and straightforward. A pair of vintage Derbies is simple to put on and maintain. “Choose leaner, sleeker shapes with minimum stitch decoration,” says the expert.


Designers began to experiment with methods to make sophisticated shoes seem more dressed down as trainers became more acceptable. “Many have amplified the look to make big shoes,” says one designer.


The majority of brogues (or wingtips) are Derbies since the casual punched holes suit casual styles better. Anything overly ornate should be avoided, as it can make a versatile shoe appear pompous.

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