Best Horror Books to Revel the Halloween Season

Horror books with the creepiest storyline can make you scared out of your skin. Horror genre lovers prefer literary horror over scary hayrides and horror movies because of the personalized imagination of unusual horror. However, the term horror is different from person to person. For some, haunted houses and paranormal activities in the horror novels scare the most, whereas some like the thrilling horror of serial killers. The wide prism of the horror genre makes this category gigantic on its own. Therefore, we have got you covered by suggesting the bestselling horror books to buy form online book store in Pakistan. If you want to buy the best horror books in Pakistan for Halloween reveling, here are the best horror novels to be considered. 

1.     Madhouse: Don’t Talk to Strangers by Miguel Estrada:

If you like horror suspense, the Madhouse novel by Miguel Estrada provides the perfect blend of thrill, horror, and mystery. It is a story of an eleven-year-old boy, Lucas, who left his house after his parents’ fight and divorce. After his escape, a cryptic woman found him and asked to take him to her home, but he didn’t know the journey of struggle and fear would start. The boy found himself in shackles in an unknown haunted and creepy house. He faced the deadliest fears that add super exciting and frightening factors to this story. The perfect elements of fright, suspense, and panic make it the best horror book to read on Halloween.

2.     Heaven’s Peak by Miguel Estrada:

Do you like reading horror books in your spare time? Invest your time to read Heaven’s Peak to enjoy the exciting horror fiction. It is a tale of a young photographer who left his hometown after the awful death of his mother. He did not know that the new town would introduce him to an inexplicable creature that wrecks his life. The creepy creature kidnapped his sister, and no one did anything to save his sister. He and an FBI agent tried to unveil the mysteries to rescue Kevin’s sister and save Heaven’s peak. The balanced ratio of thrill, suspense, horror, action, and excitement makes it a must-read book for horror fiction lovers.

3.     The Stand by Stephen King:

Stephen King is the master of horror books, so he added the horror thrill in his collection with The Stand Horror Novel. This story has an evil man who starts the chain of deaths with deadly powers. The uncut edition contains all horrifying, creepiest, and terrifying scenes that can give readers Goosebumps while reading it. It encompasses a well-adjusted percentage of fiction, suspense, horror, and buzz. The noxious apocalyptic fiction story will be the perfect addition to your literary horror collections this Halloween.

4.     Monsters under My Bed: A Monster Romance by M.J. Marstens

A horror story with erotic scenes is the perfect combination to scare you out in the most pleasurable time. Monsters under My Bed provide this lethal combo in its tale. It is a story of a beautiful girl who got nightmares about a creature that lived under her bed. These nightmares scared her every time, but she did not know about the real presence of those demons. These evil demons wanted to breed her by satisfying their lust. You only need to read it to know how she escaped and saved herself from paranormal romance. 

5.     It: A Novel by Stephen King:

IT Novel is about a small city Derry Maine where kids start disappearing mysteriously. The terrifying creature behind these events is an evil clown, who preyed on children, murdered them, and repressed their memories. He used those memories to make upcoming summers more terrifying. The indulging story does not allow the reader to stop or pause reading because the suspense and horror make it captivating. There is also a Hollywood movie based on this story. Though, the real thrill and action are in literary horror books.

6.     Imaginary Friend by Stephen Chbosky:

Do you like making friends? Beware the Ghost Friend. The Imaginary Friend is an epic horror story of a young boy Christopher. He and his mother left his home and shifted to a new town, where he did not have any friends. But, who knows that Christopher will make an imaginary friend who brought him to another world. The horrifying events, scariest scenes, and indulging storyline will make the reader fully occupied within the story.

7.     You See the Monster by Luke Smitherd:

Reading horror books in darkness is the real thrill, so dare to read You See the Monster in a night. It is one of the scariest books as it reveals the deepness and darkness behind fairy fiction stories. It is about a guy who has the power to see dark creatures and shadows. In this story, he faced the deadliest scenes with his eyes that revealed the truth about shadows. The suffering, struggle, and horrifying challenges will make it the best horror book available on your bookshelf. As many reader reviews show, it is the creepiest story that will not make you sleep in darkness.

8.     HEX by Thomas Olde Heuvelt

HEX is indeed a debut horror novel of Thomas Olde Heuvelt, but the gripping fear makes it the finest among all. This story is about a Black Rock witch whose eyes and mouth were sewn shut. She roamed around on the street of the town, invaded any home, scared the kids, and did the creepiest things. She cursed the city to make every house, place, and corner haunted. If you like contemporary horror fiction, you will love reading it at night.

Horror novels are underrated because many people think words cannot scare the reader. If you are one of them, dare to read any of our suggested books from this list. The literary-spooky scene will shatter your heroism in the darkness. So, why are you wasting your time with average horror movies? Let your imagination brings the soul into literary horror fiction.

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