In May of 2017, a new ransomware called “Avaddon” was discovered by researchers at BleepingComputer. This ransomware is unique in that it uses the AES-256 encryption algorithm to encrypt files, making it very difficult to decrypt without the proper key. Avaddon also appends the “.avaddon” extension to encrypted files, making it easily identifiable. Victims of this ransomware have very few options for recovery, as there are currently no known decryption tools available. avaddonabramsbleepingcomputer

In the early hours of June 27th, a ransomware attack hit the computer systems of global law firm DLA Piper. The Avaddon ransomware was used in the attack, which encrypted the firm’s files and demanded a ransom be paid in Bitcoin. The attack caused significant disruption to the firm, with many of its systems remaining down for several days. The incident highlights the importance of having robust cyber security measures in place, as even large organizations can fall victim to ransomware attacks. avaddonabramsbleepingcomputer

Avaddon is a malicious software that has been used in a number of attacks. The most recent attack was on the website of Bleeping Computer, a website that provides support for computer users. The attack redirected users to a fake website that looked like the Bleeping Computer website. The fake website then asked users to enter their login credentials. Once the attackers had the victims’ login credentials, they were able to access the Bleeping Computer website and post offensive content.

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