Astrology Tips for Eliminating Work Related Problems

In Vedic astrology, heavenly bodies play a considerable role in our daily life. They even influence our job life, too. Everything happening with you at your workplace is all because of the positions of the planets. According to a renowned astrologer in Mumbai, they have a certain connection with every aspect of your life.

Which Are The Most Auspicious Planet To Get Government Jobs?

Youngsters are very much fascinated with jobs in government sectors. It is likely only if certain auspicious heavenly bodies are in existence in a person’s natal chart. Moreover, it has been seen that regardless of the endeavours a person puts in, they fail to get a job in the government sector. Let us talk about these planetary bodies and their position in a person’s natal chart that can aid them in getting a job in the government sector.

As per a popular astrologer in Mumbai, the planet Sun is a benefic planet for government jobs. In this situation, if the planet Sun is located in an auspicious position in a person’s natal chart, they will succeed in acquiring a government job. The 10th house is related to career and livelihood, whereas the 6th house indicates the profession.

  • If the Sun is located sturdily within the 10th house of the natal chart, one successfully gets a government job.
  • In case the planet Sun and Saturn (Shani) are positioned in an auspicious state, there are higher chances of procurement of a job in the government sector.
  • If the Sun is in its individual zodiac sign (Leo) or positioned in the heavenly place in Aries, there are possibilities of getting a government job.
  • Besides, if the planet Sun is positioned strongly in the 6th house, one can procure a government job, says the best Astrologer in Mumbai.

Which Planetary Bodies Are Liable For Job-Related Problems?

  • In the case of a Sun-Rahu or Moon-Ketu combination in one’s natal chart, it leads to obstructions in procuring employment.
  • If planet Saturn is in a deliberated situation in a person’s natal chart, they undergo trouble in finding jobs.
  • If the commanding planet of the 6th, 10th, and 11th house isn’t in an auspicious placement, it might lead to troubles.
  • If planet Jupiter isn’t in a strong position, there are odds of facing troubles in finding employment.

Astrological Remedies or Astrology Tips for All Zodiac Signs To Secure a Job

1. Aries

Offer prayers and Durva to Ganpati.

2. Gemini

Pray Lord Hanuman and chant Hanuman Chalisa.

3. Taurus

Pray Lord Shiva and light Diya and agarbatti.

4. Virgo

Offer water to the Sun God and chant Gayatri Mantra

5. Sagittarius

Take fasts every Tuesday and chant Hanuman Chalisa.

6. Capricorn

Pray Ganpati and give some ladoos to the deity.

7. Aquarius

Give water to Lord Sun and put some Chandan on the Shivling.

8. Scorpio

Take fasts every Friday and donate things that are white in colour.

9. Libra

Pray a banana tree and take fasts every Thursday.

10. Leo

Give water to the Shivling.

11. Cancer

Every Saturday, pray to Shani Dev and light a lamp full of mustard oil.

12. Pisces

Pray Shani Dev and light a lamp having mustard oil beneath the banyan tree unremittingly for nine days.

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Astrology Tips for Jobs and Promotion

  1. Give water to the Sun in the morning and recite Gayatri Mantra. This can bring positivity in the house and better bonding at work with boss, colleagues, etc.
  2. In order to get rid of Dosha from your Kundli, you must do Navajava Homam and Abhishek one time every three months.
  3. You must also recite MahaMritunjaya Mantra about 31 times a day.
  4. To have stability at work, you must chant the Beej Mantra.
  5. Placing Vypar Vridhi Yantra is strongly suggested for business people and those in the share market.
  6. If anyone with a weak tenth house in their natal chart, they must do Navagraha Havan in the house. By doing this, you can remove the ill effects of Rahu-Ketu.
  7. For attracting money, rub both of your palms a little each morning. It’s deemed that performing this will make Goddess Lakshmi happy, and the Goddess will bless you with wealth and affluence.
  8. To see growth at work, offer cereals and water to birds. Giving them 7 kinds of cereals (Kaale Chane, wheat, bajra, moong dal, barley, and urad) can help deal with any problem related to work.
  9. For those having trouble with business contracts, or promotions, the remedy is taking a few wood coal from dry wood and flowing it for 43 days in a polluted water body. This will definitely aid in taking away unnecessary problems and postponements.


To learn more astrological related remedies, visit online and talk to the most prominent astrologer.

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