Aegina: Day Trips From Athens, and Hotels in Aegina

You may have heard about Aegina, but did you know there is an ancient enmity between Athens and Aegina? If not, you must visit this Greek island. Read this article to discover the Temple of Aphaia, day trips from Athens, and hotels in Aegina. Here, you will get the inside scoop on Aegina, Greece. We’ve also compiled the top things to do while you’re there.

Ancient enmity between Athens and Aegina

During the ancient period, the rivalry between Athens and Aegina was infamous. According to the Historian Herodotus, the ancient enmity between the two cities can be traced back to the goddess images of Auxesia and Damia, which Aeginetes stole from Epidauros. The Athenians, however, feared Aeginetes’ attacks and retaliated in a devastating manner.

The Aeginetans were also noted for their art, and several temples were built in the town. One of these temples was built by the colonizers of Aegina in 475 B.C., and was dedicated to the goddess Aphrodite. A Phaea’s temple was located on a height in the northeastern part of the island, and was made with six columns.

The Aeginetans had long been envious of the prosperity of the Epidaurians, and the two cities plotted to take their statues from the island. The Aeginetans were unable to capture the statues because the Athenian force arrived too late. As a result, the Aeginetans were unable to capture the island, and eventually lost.

Aegina was prosperous during the period II 600-550 B.C. and enjoyed a great deal of influence throughout the Mediterranean. However, its hostility towards Athens eventually led to war, and the island’s prosperity declined. Though the Athenians eventually regained Aegina’s autonomy, the underlying reason for the enmity between the two cities was largely commercial.

Aegina’s coinage dates back to the 650-600 BC. This island is considered to have been subject to Epidaurus until the 9th century BC. In addition, there are ruins of a Mycenaean culture that once thrived on the island. The Myrmidons, which were considered the most deadly fighting units in Greece, were also found in Aegina.

Day trips from Athens to Aegina

One of the most historic towns in Greece, Aegina is closely linked to the history of modern-day Greece. The archaeological sites near Aegina represent the island’s history, from prehistoric times to the nineteenth century. Visit the Kolona archaeological site, where you can see ruins of a Late Neolithic settlement from 4500 BC, as well as an ancient sanctuary of Apollo that was used as a center of worship from the 3rd century AD.

Aegina is a popular day trip from Athens and offers many visitor services, including beaches like Agia Marina and Portes. Whether you enjoy history or food, Aegina is a must-see for travelers to Greece. The island is also home to one of the most impressive ancient monuments in Greece. It’s a short drive away from Athens, so you can enjoy all the sights without having to worry about crowds.

Most day trips from Athens to Aegina begin with pick-up from your hotel or a prearranged meeting point at the Port of Piraeus. Once on Aegina, you can enjoy free time exploring the island or embarking on a guided tour. Some excursions include stops at Hydra, Poros, Agistri, and Moni, before returning to Athens in the late afternoon.

Aegina is famous for its pistachio nuts. While visiting the island, don’t forget to grab a few souvenirs from the local taverns. Thousands of visitors flock to the mausoleum every year. The mausoleum is accessible by public bus or taxi. It is important to wear a skirt and cover your arms while entering the buildings.

Temple of Aphaia

The ancient Temple of Aphaia in Aegon, Greece, is perched high in the hills above the Saronic Gulf. This temple was built over 2500 years ago. The first worshippers were believed to have visited the site around a thousand years before, and it was well preserved and historically important, making it one of the most popular tourist attractions in the island. However, not much is known about the mysteries surrounding this ancient temple.

Although the original temple was believed to be dedicated to Athena or Zeus, the discovery of the second temple by Furtwangler revealed a different story. Aphaia was a goddess similar to the Minoan deity Britomartis, who was passed onto the Mycenaeans through Euboulos, who was the son of Karme, the mother of Zeus.

The sanctuary of Aphaia had a circular layout, with each column sloping inwards about 3/4 inch. This helped the temple’s foundations remain firm, and the columns were made thicker at angles. The present temple is made of Aegina limestones, which are covered with a thin layer of stucco and are richly painted. These structures are the only examples of a temple of this style on the island.

The temple’s upper terrace is artificially constructed, with a clearly defined ramp between the temple’s eastern door and the altar’s base. This was an important ritual site, with priests living above it, and a large altar in the east. The altar was preceded by a rectangular paved area. It was designed to face the rising sun. Its base was a square, but two more bases supported it.

Hotels in Aegina

If you’re traveling to Aegina Greece on a budget, you’ll find a number of accommodations on the island. There are many options, including hotels near the sea, traditional villas, and even a family studio. The island’s most popular attractions include the Monastery of Saint Nectarios and Temple of Afea. The hotels are also a great option for families.

The Aegina Hotel is one of the most popular hotels on the island, with an 8.7 overall rating from 447 travelers. The Senia Studios, which have 82 reviews, have a similar rating and the Danae Hotel has an 8.6 rating from 591 reviewers. You can enjoy the outdoors at any of these accommodations, or just relax by the pool and enjoy the view of the sea. The Aegina Hotel also has a restaurant and a sun deck, making it an ideal place to relax with a drink and a good book.

If you plan to spend your vacation on Aegina, you may want to purchase a travel insurance policy. It’s cheap and can help protect you if something happens and you’re unable to reach your destination. Also, if you decide to visit other Greek islands, make sure to check out our collection of Greek Island Travel Guides. Please consider pinning the graphic on your favorite Pinterest board, so others can benefit from your article.

Among the other Aegina hotels, the Galini Hotel is a good choice. It offers a comfortable room with air conditioning, satellite TV, refrigerator, and daily change of towels. Another good option is Villa Artemis, which is 550 metres from the Kolona and 700 metres from the Avra beaches. All three of these accommodations offer free WiFi, free parking, and air conditioning. While the villa offers a pool and a free WiFi connection, Los Pistachios is also a good choice.

Getting around

There are a number of interesting attractions to visit on Aegina. The island is home to the Moni and Agistri islands, which are uninhabited and are an absolute nature lover’s paradise. Visitors can access Moni by car from the town of Aegina or by water taxi from the port of Perdika. You can also visit Paleahora, a hillside town with many historic churches and monasteries. The Agios Nektarios Monastery, a popular pilgrimage site, is located here. The Monastery is situated on the ruins of a medieval fortress.

Taxis are another popular form of transportation on the island. Although they are more expensive than buses, they’re cheap and reliable. If you’d like to see more of the island, you can rent a motorbike or ATV. If you’re traveling with a family, you’ll want to hire a motorcycle or car. You can also get a taxi if you’d like to rent one for your Aegina trip.

There are plenty of taxis and buses in Aegina. Most places accept major credit cards. If you’re planning on sightseeing on the island, taxis and buses are available for your convenience. Don’t forget to donate to FAZA, which stands for Friends of the Strays of Aegina and Angistri. You’ll be glad you did! If you’re looking for a unique way to spend your vacation, Aegina is the place to go.

Taxis are available at the port of Aegina. You can take a cab or a hitchhike to explore the island’s other neighborhoods. Alternatively, take a water taxi from Aegina Town to Sarpa. It’s about nine euros each way. You can even hire a car to see the sights on Aegina. If you’d rather walk, try to head out to Marathonas Beach, which is an idyllic setting with shallow waters and a large beach.

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