6 Ways to Improve Your Home This Fall

The fall months are the perfect time to make some improvements on your home before the cold rolls in. Once the winter months hit, home improvements are going to be the last thing on your mind as you bundle up and the outside becomes a little less accessible. But in autumn, the earth is begging you to tackle a few of those projects you’ve had on your list.

Fall is full of sunny days with a chill in the air, ideal for soaking up those last chances to spend time outside as well as inside, making the home improvement ideas nearly infinite. So if you’re itching for a project but don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. From adding magnetic screens to getting unique bedding that keeps you cool all night, here are a few ways you can improve your home in the months ahead. 

  1. Get a HEPA Air Purifier

Allergies may seem inevitable, but there’s a way you can get ahead of the game this fall and make your home a more allergy-free place. Before you shut all your windows for the season and let the dust take over, get yourself a HEPA air purifier. A HEPA air purifier is a way to help filter the air in your home to keep allergens out. There are a few different kinds of air purifiers, each with different functions determined by the kind of filter they have, but a HEPA filter is most equipped to take on allergens.

Air purifiers are particularly helpful when ventilation in the home isn’t possible (i.e., the winter months of closed windows). A HEPA purifier in particular filters small particles (like pollen, pet hair, and other allergens) out of the air, thus decreasing your chances of experiencing irritating allergy symptoms year-round. They’re not a cure for everyone, but if you’re prone to allergy symptoms, getting yourself an air purifier could make a big difference in your home. 

  • Install Magnetic Screens

Magnetic screens are the definition of convenience, which is why you should add them to your home this fall. Specifically a magnetic screen door. Magnetic screen doors give you all the benefits of a regular screen door (and more) without the hassle of installation. Plus, they make walking in and out possible hands-free. 

Magnetic screen doors don’t swing open and shut like a regular door; rather, they’re bound to the doorframe on the sides and top, and they hang down over the door like a curtain that’s split in half in the middle. Where it’s split, there are magnets, ensuring the screen door always snaps shut behind you. But the best part (aside from the easy, no-fuss installation) is that magnetic screens make it possible to walk in and out hands-free. They’re perfect for hosting guests outside, when you’re making trips in and out with your hands full. They also allow pets to go in and out on their own, and you can trust that the magnetic screen will close behind them. So let that fresh fall air into your home, forget about the hassle of installing and removing a traditional screen door, and add a magnetic screen to your fall to-do list today. 

  • Add Outdoor Lights

If you’re installing a magnetic screen to make hosting friends easier, you should add some outdoor lights to your list, too. Outdoor lights are the perfect way to decorate your yard and patio while also being perhaps the most practical decoration there is. Stringing lights around the edge of your home, on poles on your patio so they can create a sparkling outdoor ceiling, or around trees nearby will not only look beautiful as you enjoy your late-summer and fall evenings outside, but will also be the reason you’re able to enjoy those evenings as they’ll ensure you can remain outside past the early sunset. 

There are numerous kinds of decorative and practical outdoor lights you can add to your home; not all have to be sparkling string lights. Installing flood lights on the side of your house is a more-involved project, but can be worth it for their more permanent nature. Or, you could make it a real DIY project and create small lanterns out of mason jars. Either way, adding outdoor lights will ensure you have a beautiful yard and patio that you can actually see and enjoy when the sun goes down. 

  • Heat Things Up with a Fire Pit

One more way to enjoy your yard or patio this fall: get a fire pit. A fire pit might be the best investment you can make for your yard; it gives you a spot to gather, it keeps you warm, it provides light, and you can make s’mores with it. What more can you ask for? 

Fire pits cost anywhere from $50 to $600, depending on how fancy you want to get. They ensure that you have a safe place to make a fire, and you can do it right next to your house or on your patio without having to dig out a literal pit and line it with rocks to contain the flame. It adds ambiance to any outdoor gathering, and it’ll allow you to spend time outside even later into the fall months as it has the ability to keep a group warm. 

  • Cool Things Down with Eucalyptus Bedding

As the temperatures fall outside, we turn on the heat inside, making for cozy evenings but hot nights for those of us who are warm sleepers. Even as the crisp fall air rolls into town, some people simply run hot at night. If you’re one of those people, eucalyptus bedding is the answer to your prayers. 

Made from processed eucalyptus, this bedding is sustainable, antibacterial, and hypoallergenic, but perhaps the most universally lauded quality is that they’re temperature-regulating. The fibers that the fabric is made out of are significantly more breathable than cotton (boasting about three times the breathability) and have natural moisture-wicking properties. So say goodbye to those nights of tossing and turning in your too-hot bed as your furnace works overtime to combat the chilly temperatures outside. Eucalyptus sheets will help you get a restful, temperature-controlled night of sleep, and you’ll wake up feeling refreshed rather than sweaty. 

  • Revamp Your Wall Art

Living in a space you’re proud of makes you more comfortable in your home, so don’t cross projects off of your home improvement list just because they’re improving decor rather than home function. If you’re not interested in getting your hands too dirty, try revamping your wall art this fall. If you have a lot of pieces you can put up, either scattered throughout the house or hiding in a closet (or both), consider making a gallery wall. Gallery walls are a collection of photos, art, and more that are all hung up on the same wall. They’re incredibly popular right now in the home decor department; it’s like a giant collage that allows you to look at all your favorite pieces at once. Revamping your wall by making it a gallery wall can completely transform a room. 

Another option is to add some season-specific decor. In the fall, a great way to do this is to frame some fall leaves. You can create an entire gallery wall out of just framed leaves, if you wish. Fall wreaths are also popular and add a cozy feel to your home. 


Whether you’re looking to get outside, get your hands dirty, or just kill some time with an artsy project, there are plenty of ways you can get busy and improve your home this fall. Some ideas, like adding magnetic screens or jazzing up your patio with decorative outdoor lights, are perfect for any season in which you’ll be spending time indoors and out. Others, like adding fall leaves to your wall, are more specific to the autumn months. Either way, get creative and have fun with it. What better way to spend a crisp fall Sunday than taking on an exciting home improvement project? 

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