12 Best Places To Visit In Bangalore For A Fun Day Out


India is a hub of rich culture and traditions. There are a number of languages owing to different religions. But the most important quality is the love and unity with which we fight each distressing situation. With this traditional beauty, India is home to a plethora of wonderful sites. There are forests, marvelous mountains, deserts and even plains with immense scenic and man-made beauty.

One such IT hub of India is Bangalore. An array of students and job-seekers live there. There are a number of innovative startups and successful ventures based there. Being the city of technology and innovation, it also welcomes a large number of tourists from around the world. With great food sites and destinations to explore, it inculcates the beauty of a perfect holiday destination. There are a number of fun activities and places to have a great time. With forts, parks, museums, religious sites and others, here are few must-visit places in Bangalore.

Places to Visit in Bangalore for a Fun and Interesting Trip

Wonderla Amusement Park

For a fun and adventurous day trip, this amusement park in Bangalore is a great way to explore your energy levels. There are water rides, roller coasters, laser shows and even 3D cinema. Apt for all age groups, it combines adventure with lazing around, relaxing and having fun with family and friends. 

Tipu Sultan’s Palace and Fort

If you love to learn and explore rich historical culture, this place will be a perfect retreat for you. With great Indo-Islamic architecture, it used to be the summer residence of Tipu Sultan. The walls and pillars were earlier adorned with precious jewels. The mesmerizing view of detailed carvings and a part which has now been turned into a museum is a great way to learn. You can even pay a visit to the temple of Lord Ganesh and gallery of paintings.

Nandi Hills

Moving a little away from the main hustle-bustle of the city, Nandi Hills is situated a bit far for your adventurous getaways. A great sight with activities like paragliding, trekking, cycling etc., it has other famous attractions too. These include Amrita Sarovar- Lake of nectar, Caves, Tipu’s Drop and Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple.

Iskcon Temple

Situated in Rajajinagar on the hillock, this is a beautiful and famous Sri Krishna Radha temple, being one of the largest Iskcon temples of the world. It includes the 56 feet high gold plated flag post with kalash shikara which is golden too being 28 feet high. It has a very positive aura with a charismatic architecture and peaceful vibe, being a must-visit.

Innovative Film City

Giving you wonderful sights to explore, it is a great place for filming and television enthusiasts. If you have always wondered what film and show sets look like, this place will answer your queries. There is a mirror maze, tribal museum, fossil museum along with aqua kingdom, beach, Dino Park and 3D gallery to explore, capture and get a full entertainment packed day tour.

Lalbagh Botanical Garden

Truly standing by its name, giving magical views of flora, the Lalbagh Botanical Garden is an epitome of colorful natural beauty. With about 1000 species of plants, it provides an exclusive collection, available to view, have a soothing experience and even purchase. The nearby lake with wildlife creates a mesmerizing nature-friendly and peaceful experience for all visitors.

National Gallery of Modern Art

If you love art, do visit this splendid place full of modern and contemporary art. There is a museum shop along with a cafeteria, library and informative talks and seminars held to learn and share. The famous artists here include Rabindranath Tagore, Amrita Sher-Gil, Raja Ravi Verma along with others with guided tours available if you are interested.

St Mary’s Basilica

Best visited during the feast time, this is one of the old churches in Bangalore. Providing mesmerizing and instant connecting architecture of gothic style, religious statues, stained glass windows and etched designs, it provides a serene atmosphere for all devotees.

Bannerghatta National Park

The beauty of animals and rescued pets will truly leave you in awe. Along with fishes, butterflies, bus tour, snake and safari park, it is a perfect day for a full fun day trip. There are a few guidelines to follow as you also can witness wildlife like lions, peacocks, zebras, bears etc.

Commercial Street

A bustling marketplace being home to a large variety of footwear, accessories, clothes and other items, this is a must-visit in Bangalore. Being heavily crowded mostly it needs good bargaining skills to buy budget-friendly and beautiful products with a great deal of choices.

Cubbon Park

Founded in 1870, it is a marvelous sight of fresh aura with floral beauty. The park consists of about 6000 trees of indigenous and exotic varieties. A must visit for nature and historical enthusiasts; it has an archaeological museum along with the High court of Karnataka.

Bangalore Palace

This royal retreat is spread over 454 acres, combining various forms of royal architecture. It includes Victorian style, Neo classical, Tudor Revival style and even Edwardian style of architecture with construction started in 1874. This beautiful charm has a swimming pool, gardens, 35 rooms along with carvings and paintings, apt for people interested in capturing great architecture and learning about history.

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